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Phone Charges – Not All Providers Offer Transparent Billing

Phone Charges – Not All Providers Offer Transparent Billing

Recently we were contacted by a new customer with four estate agency branches asking us to look into their phone billing charges.   This company was being charged over £1,500 per month for phone services and had a feeling that they were paying too much on monthly outgoing costs.  


On checking their latest billing we noticed several chargeable line items such as “extra care”, “line assurance”, “critical care”, and “fraud monitor” and these line charges added up to an additional £150.00 on the bill.  Customers are always rather taken aback when they realize that they are paying for something they haven’t asked for.  In reality, these services should be offered by telecom providers free of charge as part of delivering good working practices and ensuring the customer’s phone systems are running efficiently without undue risk of business interruption.  Unfortunately, customers are continuing to be charged extra for this level of a standard service. 


Some telecoms providers like to make the telecoms world look a scary and mysterious place. Telecoms is one of the few industries where customers can still have the wool pulled over their eyes. So it is no surprise that our industry is unloved and untrusted which is a shame for companies like Numberite who only want the best for their customers.


Numberite is committed to providing our customers the best possible service with competitive and transparent pricing.  We only charge customers for services from which they will see a real benefit from and we explain exactly what they are paying for. 


To discuss your latest bill or any aspect of your phone services, call Mark or Pauline on 01392 241666 or better still email your latest bill to  as there’s a good chance you are paying too much!  


Mark Bonito
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