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Android Companion App

Android Smartphone Companion App – Installation and Setup 



The Android Smartphone companion app is software installed on to an Android Smartphone which allows it to be either a standalone extension on a phone system or replicates your desktop phone. Please be aware that a call made on your app will prevent calls being made on your desk phone and vice-versa.


Before installation ensure you have an extension setup and have been provided with a portal login and password. 


Download the latest version of the Companion App from the Google app store, search for VIPVOIP .


Should you require more information on the app please visit the page here , the image below should appear.

The app should look like the image below, select the Install green bar to start the install process.

When the app has download and installed select the Open button to start the app.



As the app opens you will see the inital blue VIPVOIP logo. As other pages appear click the Allow, when prompted to allow access to contacts, record audio and to make and manage phone calls.



The app will show it has completed the installation when the login screen shows as the image below. Enter your email address and password as supplied for Portal access. Select Sign In to complete the setup.

Once the Dial Pad screen appears you have succesfully installed and setup your smart phone app. 

The app allows dialling out using the number pad, press the blue handset button to start the call. The screen will turn blue as the image below. You can also use the Contacts icon to choose a saved contact to dial.

During a call there are a number of buttons which allow the following actions to be performed..




Mute Button – During a call clicking this button will prevent the call from hearing you, you can still hear the caller. Press the button again to end the mute.




Dial Button – During a call clicking this button bring up a number pad, this allows you to enter numbers during a call such as anwering auto-attendant menus.




Speaker Button – During a call clicking this button switches to handsfree.




Hold Button – During a call clicking this button will place the call on hold. The caller will hear hold music and you cannot hear the caller. Press again to end hold.




Transfer Button – During a call clicking this button bring up a windows to allow you to enter the extension or external number to transfer the call to. Follow the options to retrieve the call or complete the transfer.




Left click the red handset bar to end the call.

Other options, from the top right 3 dots, as the image below




Show Connection – This shows the extension information.


Sync Contacts – This will sync your phones contacts with the app.


Voicemail – If your extension is configured with a Voicemail box, this can be managed from here.


Logout – Exit the app.


Settings –


         CONNECTION – This gives the option to select either


                            Allow Calls From –


                                 “All Calls” – Receive all incoming calls


                                 “Internal Only” – Receive calls from other extensions only


                                 “None” – Blocks any incoming call


         CONTACTS – This option will show contacts from your shared Directory from the portal within Contacts.


Should you have any difficulty please call us and we can assist with setup and offer remote access.

Call Mark on 01392 241666