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Desktop Companion App – deprovision

Companion App – De-provision



The following instructions help with De-provisioning (remove the extension from) the Windows Desktop companion app. This is required for changing extensions or to allow re-setup. 


1 – Within the Windows Desktop companion app click the 3 bars, in the top left:

2 – A drop down menu will show, left click “Options”:

3 – First left click the “Advanced” button on the top menu, then the left menu item “Provisioning”, lastly, left-click the long button “Click Here to de-provision your Companion”. 




4 – You will then see the confirmation box below, left click “Yes” to de-provision your app.


5 – The app will restart and you may see the “Install Updates” window, left-click Close. 

You can visit the page to re-provision your Windows Desktop companion. You can use skip to step 3 as you have the app already installed. If the “Provision button” is not shown, left-click the 3 bars top left, left-click “Options”, then left-click the “Advanced” button at the top.

Should you have any difficulty please call us and we can assist with setup and offer remote access.

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