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Phone Systems

Phone Systems

Numberite supply Fully Featured Hosted Phone Systems.  


Our phone systems are designed for business with one employee up to 100+ with no contract – See  “No Contracts” for more info.


We offer low Call Costs for local, national and international calling.


Our fully Featured Hosted phone systems use the latest IP desktop and walkabout phones and have dozens of great features including call recording built in, further details can be found on  “PBX Feature and Functions page” .


Numberite can supply a fully functioning Phone System for less than a standard analogue line,  to all types of business. This would be using a smartphone or PC app.  



If you already have an internet connection in your office the process is quick and simple and can be setup and installed in your office within 24 hours.


Our phone systems are fully portable and can be moved when you relocate to new office premises.  If you need to work from home some days just unplug your phone and plug into your internet at home allowing you to work as if still in the office.   


Watch our video and see what a Numberite Phone System can do for your business. 


1 user system


If you work alone or are looking for a 2nd line, Numberite can supply a fully functioned phone system which is based around a single desk or walk-about phone. Calls can be set to forward at set times to voicemail, mobile or forward to an alternative number when you are busy. The system would involve one or more Business Phone Numbers and a single extension for only £10 per month.  This is 66% of the price of a standard PSTN landline. Calls costs are much less than a standard landline and there is no connection fee.


2+ user system – up to 100+


When you have more than one person in the business, a hosted phone system can be used either at multiple locations or the same office as long as an internet connection is in place. Each person would have a desk, walk-about phone or smartphone app and allocated individual extensions. Each person can make free calls to other extensions including other locations in the world. Calls made from the system are at discount prices and there is no connection fee as with a traditional PSTN landline. Incoming calls can be managed to find a free phone, diverted to mobiles or external numbers with Voicemail options built in. The system can be set with multiple phone numbers allowing each number to be answered differently and managed separately within the system.


Call Numberite on 01392 241666 to discuss our phone systems.