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Numberite supplies all VoIP services on a month to month basis, including virtual numbers and extensions. No cease fee is required and all services can be disabled or enabled by the month. 


Unfortunately, our standard telecoms services are supplied with contracts but we have attempted to keep these to the shortest period we are supplied them.


Broadband services for FTTC and ADSL are supplied on a 1 month contract, with 1 month’s notice. There is a cease fee during the first 12 months.


Broadband services for FTTP are supplied on a 12-month contract with a cease fee due, during the first 12 months. This is called the early redemption fee

PSTN Lines (Landlines) are supplied on a monthly basis with 1 months notice and no cease fee.


Please call Numberite on 01392 241666 to discuss our no-contract Business Phone Numbers.