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Desktop Companion App

Companion App – Installation and Setup 



The Desktop Companion app is software installed on a Windows PC which allows it to be either a standalone extension on a phone system or replicates your desktop phone. 


Before installation ensure you have an extension setup and have been provided with a portal login and password. 


Download a stable version of the app from here  Version 2.92


The latest version of the Companion App from here:



COMPANION APP DOWNLOAD This is the latest version, but should you have issues, please report the problem by either calling 01392 241666 or emailing 


In your web browser, select to run the installer. If the installer won’t run it may be that you don’t have administrator access. Please ask your IT department to install the app for you.



1 – Click through the installation process. Then click to start the app:

2 – You will probably need to click to allow the app access to the internet:

3 – When the app opens, enter your email address linked to the account then the password, click the “Sign In” button to start the provisioning process. This process will automatically configure the app to log in to the VoIP server. Should you not have a password, click the “Forgotten Your Password?” link to request a password reset email. 



4 – Once you have been logged in, the app will be provisioned automatically. The following screen is the default page and shows “Online” in the top right corner to show the extension is live. To disable the app and stop receiving calls left-click the “Online” dropdown and select “Offline “. To use the app to make and take calls ensure under “Connected Devices” this shows “This PC”. If you would like the Windows App to link to your desk phone change this to “Phone”. This way you can dial a number from the app, when clicking the blue dial button, your desk phone will ring, you can then lift the handset to make the call. 

5 – To configure your audio input and output settings. Click on the “burger” menu icon (3 horizontal lines) top left and choose Options then left-click the Audio top tab. Here you can select the Audio in (microphone) and Audio out (headset or speaker). Left-clicking the red cross, in the top right corner saves the settings.



The Companion app will be receive calls while the icon is showing in the task bar and there is a green dot  If the icon is not showing or has a red dot, calls cannot be received.


The Dashboard will show that the phone is ready for use. You can then make internal or external calls, by either typing in your number or left-clicking the number pad; left-click the Blue handset icon to dial. You can also dial using the Contact menu or Recent Calls item from the Dashboard.



During a call, the blue Call window will show, including the audio strength, incoming and outgoing.


During a call, there are a number of buttons that allow the following actions to be performed.


Dial Button – During a call clicking this button bring up a number pad, this allows you to enter numbers during a call such as answering auto-attendant menus.


Conference Call  – During a call clicking this button allows you to make a 3-way conference call between the caller, yourself, and a 3rd party. Follow the instruction on the app.

NB: this feature is not the same as the 5 person conference room, this will usually be linked to a 3 digit extension. Please discuss with support for more information.


Transfer Button – Unattend Transfer only – During a call clicking this button brings up a window to allow you to enter the extension or external number press the “Transfer” button to start the transfer process.

During incoming calls only – Attended transfer can be made by entering ## during the call, you will hear “Transfer” and can enter the extension to forward calls through to. When the extension answers you can then either hang up to pass the call or ask them to hang up to resume the call.


Mute Button – During a call clicking this button will prevent the call from hearing you, you can still hear the caller. Press the button again to end the mute.


Hold Button – During a call clicking this button will place the call on hold. The caller will hear hold music and you cannot hear the caller. Press again to end hold.



Left-click the red handset bar to end the call.

Other options from the “Burger Bar”, include:


Fetch Contact – This will add all internal extensions to contacts


Add Contact – This will allow you to add individual contacts. Contacts can be accessed from the default window


Manage Voicemail – If your extension is configured with a Voicemail box, this can be managed from here.




From the main window, left-click the “Contacts” bottom menu. Here you will see added contacts and can add and manage these here.


Favorites show contacts you have added and marked as a Favorite; Extensions will show internal extensions added using the “Fetch Contacts” process.


Search – Here you can search through your added contacts and if you have Outlook installed will search through Outlook Contacts via name.


Should you need to remove the app we would recommend using the “De-provisioning” process first and instructions can be found here.

Should you have any difficulty please call us and we can assist with setup and offer remote access.

Call Mark on 01392 241666