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Track the performance of your service or sales team.

Track the performance of your service or sales team.

It’s important for any business to establish a stable position in the market, invest in new resources and develop innovative and more effective strategies to reach more clients and increase sales. To do so, you need a well-trained team that you can count on in achieving your business goals and performing to the highest standard possible. But do you have the right tools to monitor and develop their performance and keep your customers satisfied?


The answer lies on how easy you can answer the following questions:


  • How many calls does your sales team make each day?

  • How much time does each person spend daily making calls?

  • How many calls does a salesperson have to make on average to generate a sales opportunity?

  • How many customer service enquiries do you take each day?

  • How many customer service enquiries do you miss each day?

  • What is the average length of time that a customer has to wait for a response?

  • Who are your least productive customer service agents?

  • How many customers have to call for help more than once each day?

  • Who are your high maintenance customers?

  • If a customer has a complaint can you quickly find a recording of their conversation?


Being unable to answer these questions quickly and accurately means that you are missing essential tools that are keys to the success of any business. Your telephone system should be your friend in this situation. A good system should keep a time-stamped log of every incoming and outgoing call and details about its source, destination and duration.  It should offer all the needed features to help you analyse and report the information in the way you want. This is exactly what makes VoIP the number one choice for an increasing number of businesses. Unlike the antiquated landline system, VoIP allows you not only to monitor the overall performance of your team but also to support them in real-time when needed; You can listen, whisper or fully join the conversation at any time to aid your agent while they are on a call to a customer.


VoIP also offers an effective call recording feature that allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls and keep a well-organised archive of these records that can be easily accessed at any time. You can use call recording to listen to and evaluate your team performance and identify best practices and weak points that need to be tackled. Call recording has become a must-have feature these days but always be careful about recording conversations in which a customer is disclosing personal financial data such as credit card details.

Mark Bonito
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