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Questions we are frequently asked…Updated April 2020

Questions we are frequently asked…Updated April 2020


I thought I would share a few more questions and our answers, we have been recently asked by clients, (yes we supplied them a system). We are updating this monthly as we are finding the answers to this are changing frequently…



Q1. What is Numberite all about?


A1. Numberite was started 16 years ago by Mark and Pauline Bonito to service ongoing client relationships. We found that clients were facing huge bills for telecoms and wanted to add value to an already valued business. Numberite specialises in supporting small business with Business Phone Systems and Phone Numbers for tracking calls. Being small and local to Honiton, Exeter,  East Devon and the South West we have steadily built our client base, who value speaking to a local company with good pricing and great service. Take a look at our Testimonial page showcasing businesses we have been able to support for a number of years.  



Q2. What do you do that other Business Phone System suppliers do not do?


A2. We have found that larger telecoms companies are all about selling high volumes, maximising return and tying the client to them with 3, 5 and even 7-year contracts. We have taken the decision to focus on customer service, good value for money and No Contracts. With no contracts to tie them down, we believe this gives clients the confidence that we will always give the best service and appropriate product that we can.



Q3. By offering a no-contract option are you worried you will be suggesting to prospective clients you will not be around next week?


A3. Numberite has been around for 16 years and has many clients since we started. We have many new products and services in the pipeline and hope to be going for many years to come.



Q4. Price seems to be a prominent factor on the site and you seem very open about this, why is this?


A4. Numberite looks to compete on price and quality of service, not always easy but has focused on customer service since conception. From the initial contact through the install and ongoing support, we like to communicate clearly with the client; would you expect less? we are a communications company.  We aim to listen to the client, explain our services and processes clearly then made the whole telecoms process easy. We are open with our pricing and hope this gives the client the comfort that what we advertise is what they will pay.


Q5. You mention lots of different features, are these all included or do you charge for them?


A5. Numberite Phone System includes all the features detailed throughout the Phone System pages. We can add Landlines, broadband and CASI – our Call Answering Service which can be found here with prices shown on the relevant pages.


Q6. I am now working from home, can you help with this?


A6. Yes, all our telecoms services, including VoIP have options to allow you to work from home and a number of our clients have been doing this for years. We have our Companion app that works on most smartphones (iPhone and Android) and Windows PC’s and laptops. This app allows you to make and take calls without additional phone handsets and allows you to use any area code phone number.



We specialise in No Contract VoIP Phone Systems and Business Phone Numbers.


Why not give us a call on 01392 241666 to arrange a free no obligation demonstration of a Numberite VoIP Phone System.  


Mark Bonito
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