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Don’t call 0870 or 0844 unless you really have to…

Don’t call 0870 or 0844 unless you really have to…


Over the past few weeks I have been questioned on when searching the web there are websites that supply phone numbers for companies but are either 0870 or 0844 numbers.


While not illegal these sites are, I would suggest immoral.


Try searching within Google for  –  homebase exeter number – and you will find a number of web pages showing information on homebase, including pages such as “the-shop . co. uk” and “open 4 uk.” both are legitimate websites, which look to offer information on the business. If you check the number they offer they will be either 090, 0870 or possibly 0844 numbers. If you on the Homebase website you will find a local rate 0345 number which is much less to call.


There is a website which is dedicated to helping to find low-cost numbers when 0844 or 0870 are advertised.


Please call Numberite on 01392 241666 to discuss any 0870 or 0844 problems.

Mark Bonito
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