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Track Who Calls

Track all Calls 


All Numberite Business Phone Numbers and Phone Systems allow calls to be tracked. With Business Phone Numbers being forwarded this shows who called and when. With the Phone System, Outgoing calls can also be tracked.


Using our simple Portal access you can then run reports to show incoming or outgoing calls for a set period. These will show how long the call lasted and with the phone system how it was answered.


The tracking statistics are great when reviewing sales or when a Business Phone Number is used for a particular project, article or advert. Where multiple Business Phone Numbers are used these can then be used to compare which advert or advertising is working. 



An example “Outgoing” call report is shown below, which includes “Source” who was called, “Duration” for how long in seconds and “Status” how the call was dealt with



Reports can also be downloaded as a CSV file to allow more analysis for adding to reports. 


If you require more information or have a Numberite phone system, please call on 01392 241666 or email to discuss what benefits our reporting can bring your business.