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Why working remotely works

Why working remotely works


There are lots of benefits for both staff and businesses when it comes to working remotely and using VoIP for your telecommunications can make the switch to remote working even easier. Being able to communicate effectively with your remote workers is key to running your business smoothly and keeping productivity high. Using a VoIP phone system will support your staff by providing clear and reliable phone calls which can be linked to any building or mobile so connectivity need not be affected.


Staff Morale


What’s good for staff morale is good for business. Studies show that happy workers work harder, so why not help out with happiness to be rewarded by it in your company. One of the main reasons cited for wishing to work from home is to establish a better work/life balance. This includes spending more time with family, friends and pursuing hobbies as well as maintaining the house and home. These wants don’t mean that your workers will be shirking their responsibilities but that working from home allows for more flexibility. The main highlight would be to cut the commute of workers, they can spend more time at home in the morning and then get to work as usual at 9 o’clock. The same goes for clocking out time. This is a really great reason for remote working particularly for people who have long commutes.


Good for the world


Speaking of cutting workers commutes, this will not only save them time but also save money as well. No commute means no petrol and no tickets which could really benefit staff but if you as a company contribute to travel costs this could impact you too. Financial benefits are great for whichever party but one of the best parts of cutting a commute using cars or public transport is the benefits to the environment. With fewer cars on the road, emissions are cut and the air will be cleaner. The same goes for public transport even though it is much more beneficial than car travel. Fewer people on a bus or a train means the engine has to work less and thus saves on fuel. For those that can’t avoid the commute, less transport on the roads because others are staying at home, means they will get to work quicker with less drain on fuel. Some commutes are unavoidable but if it is a viable option for some of them the benefits for business and the environment are immense.




For some people working from home or their own choice of location can really boost productivity. We all learn and work in different ways, and regimenting people to sit in an office where they have little control over their environment can hamper work. Some people thrive in an office environment but some people work best in a quieter, calmer room where they can focus. Some prefer the buzz of a coffee shop where the ambient background noise can work wonders for creativity. For some people, they find that an office environment brings together too many distractions that aren’t really important to their own tasks. These little distractions can work away the time we have but in a remote environment, staff can work at the task in hand and focus.


Business Benefits


Other than productivity a business can gain lots from staff working remotely. There is a reduced impact on utilities with less energy used for heating, air con, lighting and kitchen appliances thus reducing your energy bill. If you did invest in VoIP technology then the cost of telecommunications could also be reduced as a hosted service would be maintained by the hosting company and your staff could communicate with colleagues and customers no matter where they were.


Working remotely isn’t for everyone but for those it will immensely benefit make sure you have the right communications and connectivity package so you can always stay in contact when you need to.


Mark Bonito
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