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Benefits of VoIP for Business

Benefits of VoIP for Business


We love to promote VoIP since it is our business, but the reason to promote it isn’t just down to our business but yours as well. We genuinely believe that this is the future of telephony and can provide so many wonderful solutions for businesses, big and small so that they too can improve their company and the services they provide to their customers. The benefits of VoIP for business are significant. Here are our fifteen best reasons to switch to business VoIP for your company.


1. Cost Saving


All businesses are looking to cut costs and maximise profits; one way of doing that is through your phone line. Having a VoIP system eradicates the need for internal calls that cost and as a whole VoIP calls are much more affordable than traditional landlines. Having a hosted VoIP system also means all the investment in servers and other hardware is the responsibility of your hosting company, so you will not have to shell out to get talking. Every saving helps towards improving your businesses profits.


2. Reliability


With a dedicated phone company dealing with your telephone systems you can rest at ease that you’ve always got an expert ready to monitor the system and fix problems as soon as they occur. Not only do technicians have expert knowledge your hosting company has expert equipment which will be updated frequently when needed.


3. You Can Use Existing Hardware


Another cost-saving aspect but also for ease of use, you can use existing telephone hardware to make VoIP calls. Most telephones can be easily connected or you can use inexpensive headsets and link directly to your computer. The possibilities for connecting businesses to their clients are many but you will always have the option to purchase brand new, modern telephones if you need them.


4. You Can Work Remotely


Having a VoIP telephone system allows your staff to work wherever they need to. Working from home is becoming increasingly popular but communication is key in keeping all colleagues on the same page. You don’t necessarily need a landline or computer either, a mobile phone can be linked to your telephone network so that consultants and advisers can work at any location. This is particularly handy for those field workers, working within building sites, transport or agriculture, or anywhere else which is a bit off the grid.


5. Scalability


It is particularly easy to upgrade with VoIP so that if you start off as a one-man band and continue to grow, you can add more phones and features to the system to fit with what you need. Likewise, if you are scaling back operations across your company or maybe at a particular site you can easily reduce the phones you need. It is easily adaptable and scalable.


6. Geographical Numbering


No matter where your business is you can make it personal to your customers by adding a geographical number to your outgoing calls. A local number gives trust for your customers and allows you to speak to the right people. It can also be used for incoming calls so that you know instantly where your customers are calling from and what they expect when they get through to your company.


7. Audio Quality


VoIP uses more bandwidth than analogue telephony which means that the quality is higher. The audio will be clearer and crisper so you will always have the best communication possible between colleagues and customers. Audio quality is also important for any recorded calls you need to look back at.


8. Collaboration


As many phones can be connected simultaneously this allows employees and customers to work collaboratively. This could involve working on projects together at different sites or conferencing for customer meetings or feedback. This can reduce transport costs and reduce time wasted as different members can connect instantly to each other no matter where in the world they are.


9. Environmental Benefits


There are some great benefits to the environment as well as your business if you switch to a hosted VoIP system. Being a green company is now more important than ever for our planet but it also instils a sense of trust in your clientele.


10. Extra Features


VoIP isn’t like a traditional landline, it has capabilities far beyond it. The ability to add extra features and personalise your system to do exactly what you need means that you will pay for the service you need and receive not the one you wish you had. VoIP can be adapted with many software features, if you want it our programmers will do everything to make it a reality.


11. Security


When VoIP is hosted all the data is stored for you at your hosting company. This allows you to always have access to the info you need but stops competitors and hackers accessing data more easily by having it in a secure place, off-site and not connected with your company. We take data protection very seriously so you and your customers can have peace of mind.


12. Never Miss A Call


Although VoIP is reliant on a good internet connection it doesn’t mean that everything should come to a standstill if your power cuts out. You can set your system up to redirect calls to voicemail, landlines or a mobile if the worst should happen. This is also a great option for 24 Hours support lines and so customer across time zones can always reach someone.


13. More Than Voice


The main use of VoIP is transferring your voice but you can send so much more with the same technology. You can send images and text as well as video making the whole package dynamic. You can share files instantly so you can both be on the same page while speaking on the phone. The ability to do this will make communication easier and quicker plus it reinforces the ability to collaborate which we discussed above.


14. Train Your Staff


As VoIP has the ability to record calls and even transfer that data into readable text, you can use past calls as examples of how or how not to handle customers and improve your customer service calls. More importantly however you can even listen in to current calls and email/message your staff important information or advise while they are still on the phone so they provide a smooth service without interruption.


15. It’s The Future


VoIP telephony is the future of communication so we believe businesses need to move with the times to provide the best service and not get left behind with out of date technology. We know not everyone is comfortable with welcoming new technologies but we can explain everything in plain language so that you can operate our systems smoothly. The future and all of the amazing reasons above should convince you that Hosted VoIP is right for your business today and that the benefits of VoIP for business are considerable.


Mark Bonito
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