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Smartphone with a VoIP Extension?

Smartphone with a VoIP Extension?

It’s very common nowadays for people to work outside of their offices, whether because the nature of their job requires that they work in the field, or need to work from home, or even attending a meeting in a different location. They need the right technology that can facilitate their daily tasks and give them the flexibility to work from anywhere without losing valuable clients. This technology is VoIP.


Voice over IP (VoIP) is an advanced telephone system that relies on the internet and offers limitless features for today’s businesses, one of which is the ability to use a smartphone as an office extension and be reached by clients easily regardless of your location. Your clients won’t be able to tell that their calls have been transferred to a mobile phone. At the same time, you will be able to call them directly from your mobile with the caller ID showing your business’ name and number.


The importance of this feature stems from the increasing reliance on mobile phones over the last decade and the people’s need for swift solutions that offer the same mobility and availability as their mobile phones, allowing them to communicate with their clients at ease and increase their profit.


Why using a mobile phone with VoIP?


1- Flexibility and availability: This is especially important for those who are always on the move, providing their services for different clients at multiple locations. It also allows people to create a balance between professional and personal life without losing any customers.


2- Lower costs: Placing a call through a VoIP system is much cheaper than usual mobile networks or landline system. It also replaces the need for desktop phones in small businesses with a limited number of employees.


3- Reliability: With a good and stable internet connection you will enjoy clear and reliable VoIP calls that sound as good as calls through a mobile network or landline system. They also have the added benefit that they are much cheaper but with more flexibility and tailored features for small to medium businesses.


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