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VoIP Phone Systems and using ADSL with a rubbish speed

VoIP Phone Systems and using ADSL with a rubbish speed

We have talked to many small business owners and one complaint we often hear is that “..we have rubbish ADSL but want to switch to a VoIP phone system…”.


There are a couple of points to consider here, one being you can use VoIP on a slow ADSL connection, however, I would not want to share this with general internet access. Secondly having a slow ADSL is not the only option open to you as it is not the only way to access the internet.


To explain recently we helped SolarPV Tech in Umberleigh with this exact same issue. They were receiving a 3Mbs download and 0.3Mbs upload on ADSL and wanted to go for a VoIP Phone System with 4 phones. Numberite installed a 4G router with a 50Gb SIM for only £36 per month (Reduced to £24 due to new pricing – 01/02/2021) on a one month contract. The ADSL was then used for the VoIP phones only with all internet access over the 4G. The 4Gb connected at 35Mbs download and 12Mbs upload so their internet access was greatly improved. 

The 4G router supplied was a GEM420 which allows dual SIM’s, Wi-Fi and lots of the standard router functions. We configured the Gem420 router as the primary router, controlling DHCP and Wi-Fi. The old ADSL router was then reconfigured to route the phones only.


If your business is struggling on your current broadband speeds, then 4G could be an option.  For further information call us on 01392 241666.    


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